trophy fishin

i had to carry this guy all the way across campus today, which turned some heads. i think i almost caused an accident when some woman in her car couldn't take her eyes of me and my fish!trophy fishthis is made from lots and lots of hot glue.  i also used the clear film printer for the first time for the colored skin you see behind the hot glue scales.  i scanned a piece of handmade marbled  paper that i did in Italy last spring and printed that on the clear film.


IMG_6493 IMG_7759 IMG_7756 IMG_6491 IMG_1347i like this kind of fishing :) so i decided to build off this project for the sculpture final last semester.  but instead of a fish, i chose a shark.  same idea with the marbled pattern on clear film although this time i played with the color a bit in photoshop and printed two of them.  i also melted the clear film and some thinner clear plastic with a heat gun for the body of the shark.  the tail fin is the plastic melted around some shiny, blue fabric too...

image (5) image (4) image (2)the net is still my favorite part, although there are still lines on the wood floor of my apartment from laying the hot glue down, crossing line after line. oops!