Preparing a vat of pulp @ Zenith

about the artist

Claire Reynes is a Chicago-based artist, papermaker, and educator.  Her artmaking practice involves handmade paper and papermaking components including pulp painting and image transfers, as a base upon which she builds, layering medium and texture.  She enjoys exploring different fibers used for making paper and tries to incorporate natural elements and plant material when she can.  She often draws with pen and ink on the paper and completes the piece with embroidery.  The focus in most of her work is the human body and spirit, the relationship between the two, and the effect of emotion visible in the physique.  

In 2014, Claire founded Zenith Art & Paper, which was a space that granted access to papermaking supplies, equipment, and education to people of all ages and experiences.  Zenith has recently located to a private location, however, Claire continues to facilitate on-site papermaking and paper art workshops around the Chicago and Oak Park areas.  She also currently teaches art at Mark Twain Elementary in Chicago.

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