deconstructing the marker

project:  Object | Image i started taking apart markers for this project and have become fascinated!  first, i cut the plastic tube of the marker below the tip with a box cutter and then i can remove the inner tube which is a thin plastic casing that holds the ink-soaked felt.  that part i cut open after squeezing any leftover ink onto paper.  the colorful blobs, bleed throughs, and drips are the result.  i've been cutting those out and will layer them back together.  as for the guts of the marker i will be felting!  this is what i have so far....


pink pages



the paper is cotton rag with a handful of blue jean and colored pink with red and burnt umber pigments.  the images are recycled from another project involving collage and image transfer onto white cotton rag paper.  i used natural dyes made from elderberries (purplish ink) and beets (pinkish).  i also used some cheap, washable markers, which is the bleeding color that you see.

still deciding how to assemble the pages into a book...

many more pictures to come!

twins IMG_7141 IMG_7142