book arts at Hook Pottery Paper

for the past couple days i've been working in Andrea Peterson's studio finishing a book, Anamorpho.  yesterday we beat a cotton rag and recycled paper blend and added pigment to warm it and a denim thread for hints of blue.  the original color was a pale gray and after we added the pigment it became bubble gum colored!  we mixed the two and got this pale purply pink... garbage can of fiber!!


We poured big 22" x 30" sheets and made them thick for the cover... IMG_7204 IMG_7206 IMG_7207

remember my "pink pages" post!?  the pink pages will be bound into a book soon!  i've been going back into some of those with water-based markers and wheat paste.  here they are drying...IMG_7221 IMG_7222we're emptying the dryer tonight and i'll be adding text to the pages this afternoon.  tomorrow will be binding and finishing the cover!